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I am a member of several bands in Worcester county and perform solo and duo in "Three Little Birds" (TLB) with my wife Kendra.

You can also check out my current music at these sites:

My Solo Demo:

Petty Larceny Band:

Three Little Birds (duo): TLB

Live Band Karaoke (Worcester): LBK

Full Throttle (Rock & Roll): FT

MyBlueMars SoundCloud:

MyBlueMars YouTube:

I am fascinated with science, math, music, and computer networks.

My hope is for all humans to live in peace with each other and in harmony with the natural world.

I am inspired to write and play music by the unadulterated beauty and sounds of nature!


I work as a network engineer and system integrator by day.

At night and on the weekends you can usually find me playing music at a local restaurant or club.


Here you can peruse my resume, view my videos and check out my portfolio!


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